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    SDK updating


      Hi all,

      We have to update SDK with the last version, so we would like to know:


      1) Are SDK backward compatible?

      - If we have an on top System which has not SDK updated, does this system continue to work correctly?

      - If an Interface Node has not SDK updated, and Server does have SDK updated with the last version, are there communication problems between Interface Node and Server?


      2) Does SDK updating require a machine stop?

      - Do we have to restart the machine? Or do we have just to restart the services?


      Thank you in advance for your support,


      Best Regards,



        • Re: SDK updating
          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hello Marco,


          Are you talking about PI SDK or PI AF SDK? Remember that the majority of our interfaces uses PI API under the hood to send data to the PI Data Archive.


          Here are the answers from your questions:


          1. When you install a client application or an interface, it will update the necessary SDKs in order to work properly. So if you have followed the setup kit steps, you application should work fine concerning any SDKs version. Nevertheless, recent versions have a lot of known issues fixed and enhancement requests added. That is why our recommendation is to always update when possible.
          2. Even if you have an updated PI SDK/PI API version on the interface node, it should communicate fine with the PI Data Archive. We do test our SDKs (PI SDK, PI API, PI AF SDK) with different PI Data Archive versions. Nevertheless, you might face some issues if you have a really old PI Data Archive.
          3. No, but some PI services might be stopped in order to have the files updated during installation. Then, the setup kit will automatically start the services again as soons as it finishes. It is always good to check the PI services status after running a setup kit.


          Hope it helps!