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    Any way to recover purged UFL interface files



      I implemented a UFL interface and setup the purge time to 7 days. At the start of the data collection process there was an issue where the files were being processed but because of a datecode issue they were not getting put into PI. We have since corrected that issue and went into the source directory to rename the files which caused a reprocess.

      However, the files do not go back far enough and it works out to 7 days ago is the latest file. Is there a way to recover these purged files??


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          Hi Mike,


          there is no PI Tool that can do this. If you don´t have a backup of the files there are little chances to recover the files.


          There are sveral Tools avalible that can restore deleted files. But there is always a Risk to loose more files instead to recover files. I would not use this tools in a production environment till the system is running. If you can take the system out of service and if you have a good backup AND recovery process you can try such a tool. Best Chances are if the section on the HDD where the files were stored was not overwritten. So al longer you wait as smaler are your chances.