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Suggest how to script  processbook VBA for the text to populate  TextBox

Question asked by 99anger on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by Eugene Lee
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I'm beginner in VBA so explain to me your solution in detail


Put the case that TextBox1 is created on processbook display

If the value of tag "CDT158" > 200  then  display text "CDT158 High" in TextBox1

else  if  "CDT158" < 100 then display text "CDT158 Lo"

else TextBox1 is blank box


Exactly what I mean is that  certain text(ex. "high")  popuates TextBox automatically. If If the value of tag "CDT158" > 200 like a image



There is simiral case using click CommandButton.

click to text.JPG

With reference above image,you suggest VBA code to me using "If ~ else" function??