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How to insert custom system state value with AFSDK

Question asked by pst-octavesoft on Oct 15, 2015
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I need to copy data from a PI server to another one. Now, there are some non-standard system values that I can't save.


For digital state tags I get an error:


On float tags it's enum value gets inserted:


I can export the values correctly, just not insert them.

I saw one difference to a default system state: The EnumerationSet is not defined, which maybe could have something to do with it.

In the documentation here: AFSystemStateCode Enumeration there are no enums defined for custom states.



What can I do to get the custom states in the server?



Versions: PI Server 2008 3.4.375.38 (export) & 2012 3.4.390.16 (import), PI AF SDK