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PI Archive Subsystem Auto restart

Question asked by nilay.nirmal on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by PreethiM

Hi All,


This being my first post, not sure exactly what is the best way to ask the question.


While going through the message logs, following messages were observed (under Information severity)

1. "Shutdown of PI subsystem piarchss in progress"

2. "Shutdown of PI subsystem piarchss complete"

3. "Starting PI process piarchss"


The archive subsystem was restarted on its own and the time taken was less than a minute.


Initially, we guessed that there was no impact, however, on having a closure look, it was observed that the PI ACE Calculation and PI PE Calculation were not able to get any data for approx 5 mins and had resulted in incorrect output value. (not sure if this behavior is related to the above issue)


Server Spec

OS: Win 2008 R2

# CPU - 8

RAM - 16GB

PI Server - 2012 (3.4.390.18)

PI Tag Count - 550K


Is there any way to identify the root cause for auto piarchss restart?

What could be the possible impact of this restart?


Thanks in advance