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FactoryTalk Assetcentre to OSI PI

Question asked by Rajagopal on Oct 15, 2015
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I am exploring the possibility of linking Rockwell Automation control system platforms (AB PLC/AB SCADA/ AB Intelligent Instruments) diagnostic data from FactoryTalk Assetcentre to OSI PI.


FactoryTalk assetcentre will have asset audit details, Log details, Disaster recovery details etc., I gone through some online downloads, but I could not find how these data can be extended to historian or other 3rd party systems.


I understood from these tutorials that FactoryTalk configuration/back-up & Audit details will be stored in SQL Database. But I am not sure whether any real time data like PLC Healthy/Instrument Healthy/Communication Healthy etc., will be stored in this database. Also I am not sure whether this SQL Database table is open to any third party integration.


Anybody have worked on this interface?.. Really appreciate if you can through some light on this integration. Need some guidance pls....



Hari Rajagopal.


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