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PI Coresight 2015 - workgroup install for demo environment?

Question asked by JimGavigan Champion on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by JimGavigan

I am trying to install PI Coresight in a demo environment which consist of just a windows server 2012 OS, and the 2015 vintages of the PI Data Archive, SQL Express, and PI AF 2015 and my native information. I am not connecting my server to a domain at this time. Everything is OK until I try to build a new display and I cannot browse the PI Server or AF databases. Depending on what I have tried, I get various error messages. I have gone to the PI Web API config and the PI Server and AF databases show they have yet to be crawled. I have read various tech notes and discussions that are leading me to believe that I can't really run Coresight in my type of environment. Before I change directions with my demo environment, is there a way to make Coresight function correctly in my demo environment? If it is feasible, what things do I have to do to make it work correctly?