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ProcessBook   Send Back values with VBA  doesn't work

Question asked by LJSM on Oct 24, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by LJSM

I am trying to send back some values in a display. I run the procedure step by step and It works, but when I execute from a button or run with F5, it doesn't. Any clues?


Public Sub SendBackRedBox()

Dim sym As Symbol




For Each sym In ThisDisplay.Symbols

     If Left(sym.Name, 3) = "Tex" Then

         sym.Selected = True

     End If

Next sym




End Sub


Public Sub SendToBack()

     Dim oCmdbar As Object

     Set oCmdbar = Application.CommandBars("Default Menu Bar")

     oCmdbar.Controls("&Arrange").Controls("&Send To Back").Execute

End Sub