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Wrong calculations of CALC tag at different time stamp and different servers

Question asked by chayacrevanmartis on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by bala

Hi ,


i have calc tag that has following logic

IF ('ABC' - PREVVAL('ABC', '*-3m'))<0 then ('ABC' - PREVVAL('ABC', '*-3m'))+10000 else ('ABC' - PREVVAL('ABC', '*-3m'))


The source tag ABC updates at every 3m .

Both has following values


Raw      tag                                   CALC tag

25-Oct-15 14:40:59407925-Oct-15 14:42:0049
25-Oct-15 14:43:59412725-Oct-15 14:45:0048
25-Oct-15 14:46:59417525-Oct-15 14:48:0048
25-Oct-15 14:49:59422425-Oct-15 14:51:0049
25-Oct-15 14:52:59427125-Oct-15 14:54:0047
25-Oct-15 14:55:59432025-Oct-15 14:57:0049
25-Oct-15 14:58:59436825-Oct-15 15:00:0148
25-Oct-15 15:01:59441725-Oct-15 15:03:0049
25-Oct-15 15:04:59446525-Oct-15 15:06:0048
25-Oct-15 15:07:59451325-Oct-15 15:09:0064.23291
25-Oct-15 15:10:59456125-Oct-15 15:12:0064.57031
25-Oct-15 15:13:59461025-Oct-15 15:15:0065.23047
25-Oct-15 15:16:59465825-Oct-15 15:18:0048
25-Oct-15 15:19:59470625-Oct-15 15:21:0048
25-Oct-15 15:22:59475425-Oct-15 15:24:0048
25-Oct-15 15:25:59480225-Oct-15 15:27:0048
25-Oct-15 15:28:59485125-Oct-15 15:30:3849
25-Oct-15 15:31:59489925-Oct-15 15:33:0048
25-Oct-15 15:34:59494725-Oct-15 15:36:0048
25-Oct-15 15:37:59499525-Oct-15 15:39:0048
25-Oct-15 15:40:59504325-Oct-15 15:42:0048
25-Oct-15 15:43:59509225-Oct-15 15:45:0049
25-Oct-15 15:46:59514025-Oct-15 15:48:0048
25-Oct-15 15:49:59518825-Oct-15 15:51:0048
25-Oct-15 15:52:59523725-Oct-15 15:54:0049
25-Oct-15 15:55:59528425-Oct-15 15:57:0047
25-Oct-15 15:58:59533225-Oct-15 16:00:0148
25-Oct-15 16:01:59


there is one more weird behavior that this exists at a lower frequency in secondary and does not exist on DR server


could anyone help me out with this


thanks in advance

Chaya Martis