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AF Server uses the same ID

Question asked by TimCarmichael Champion on Oct 28, 2015
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We are in the process of migrating our production AF instance (server and database on the same node) to a new server with the database on a separate node.

The database was backed up/restored on the new SQL Server node and the new AF system has been configured.

The new AF server node is now is 'pre-production testing'.

From the new AF server node, we can connect to the instance with no issues.


However, from my desktop, I have a connection to the current production AF system, and, when I try to add a connection to the pre-production AF system, I get the message:



PI AF Server Change


The specified server 'xxxxxxxx' at host address 'xxxxxxxx' uses the same ID (ef6c0fee-53af-4a8a-961d-50b5a6ce52c2) as 'xxxxxxxx New (In Progress)' at host address 'xxxxxx'.  The conflicting entry has been removed.



How can we get change the ID on one or the other system?

What are the implications of that?


For testing purposes, we need users to be able to connect to both the production and pre-production systems to ensure everything is working as desired.