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ACE Module with STA Thread

Question asked by larkyal on Oct 29, 2015
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Hi Everyone,


I've got a question regarding threading an PI ACE.


Like a number of users, we are using a combination of PI ACE and AFSDK to run calculations which are too complex to run in AF Analytics.


Generally this works fine however there is a significant difference in performance when the calculations are run from the ACE scheduler as opposed to when debugging or recalculating.  This is presenting a problem for some of our more intensive calculations which cannot keep up.


I've searched this forum and this seems to be due to the ACE scheduler running as an MTA application.


Here's an old post that discusses the issue:


What I'm hoping to do is call an STA thread from within the main ACE module.  I had a quick go at this but I'm running into problems connecting to AF (admittedly I'm a bit green when it comes to threading).


I believe there was a knowledge article relating to this however the link seems to be broken:


Has anyone had any success with this?


Kind regards


Alan Lark