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PI Integrator for Business Analytics questions

Question asked by DominiqueDuhayon on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by wmanoun

I'm making an evaluation on PI Integrator for Business Analytics for our projects.


I have a few questions about possible limitation of PI Integrator for BI :

1) we have a few PiPoints containing DateTime type we want to use and filter : is it possible to define row filter on this type of DateTime (Row filters seems to be only possible on Numeric / String / Event Frame).

2) event-frame row filtering seems to be Period Inclusive filtering. Is Exclusive filtering available ? Our event-frames concern period of time of defection on a sensor and we need to exclude this time range.

3) is it possible to define row filter using formula filtering as with PI Analysis or PI ACE ? Could be useful to avoid creation of calculated PIPoints. 

4) is there a specific syntax for filters as Performance Equation syntax? If so, is there a page describing it?


Thanks in advance