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AF Analytics - UOM recognition

Question asked by ramoncarnovale on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by ramoncarnovale

Hi everyone,


Just looking into a subset of some calculations and I am after some further insight from the wider community.


In an analysis I have the following:


Weight1 * Constant1 = Output1



- Weight1 is a PI Tag, UOM is Tonnes

- Constant1 is a table lookup, UOM is a percentage

- Output1 is a PI Tag, UOM is Tonnes


If I have Weight1 = 100 and Constant1= 50 I get the result of 500 Tonnes.


I was expecting this to return in context of the UOM a result of 50.


Am I missing something or is it a case of needing to perform an additional inline calculation to perform the unit conversion relative to the calculation?


If anybody has experienced something similar it would be great to hear!