Building Basic Displays with Pl ProcessBook Online Course November 2015 Run - Introduce Yourself

Discussion created by dwang on Oct 30, 2015
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Welcome to the November 2015 session of the Building Basic Displays with Pl ProcessBook Online Course. I hope you are all as eager and excited as I am to get started! We have created this thread where all users who have registered for the November run of this course can introduce themselves and interact with each other. The content for this course can be found here.


Please know that this is your space! We encourage and welcome you to ask questions about PI ProcessBook, how to create useful displays, leverage PI AF within the displays  as well as answer questions posted by others and let us know how you're finding this course!


If you face any issues navigating the course on the OSIsoft Learning Web site, please leave your comment here, so we can respond to you faster. Otherwise, thanks again for signing up for this course and we hope you enjoy it!


My name is David and I will be your facilitator for this session of the Building Basic Displays with Pl ProcessBook Online Course. I am a Customer Support Engineer based out of our Sydney Offices. I am very excited to guide you through the course and help you learn how to easily present all of the data you have within your PI System in meaningful and interesting ways.


Please introduce yourself in this thread so I can learn about you, your experiences with the PI System, and specific goals you have for this course. Additionally, please take advantage of this Community to share any thoughts or questions during this course. You can also contact me personally at dwang@osisoft.com 


I look forward to hearing from you and working with you throughout this course!



David Wang