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Extended Performance Equations properties

Question asked by 3@lOn_poWerNussn on Oct 30, 2015
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Hello PI-community,


I have a question, as I mentioned in the title, about the Performance Equations.


Background of my problem:

I have a calculation in the PE that works fine, but only for the short time that the triggering event is activated. As you can already imagine, my equation is 'Event-based scheduled' and not 'clock scheduled'.

And here comes my problem: -> The triggering TAG is only for a very short time active. So the calculation is evaluated only one time. I need a second trigger at a different time.


-> My question is --> Is there a possibility to set more than one Trigger Event-tag? In my case 2 Event Tags whoud be great!     Or is this a stupid idea to solve the issue?



Thanks a lot for creative ideas ,