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How to get the number of versions of an AF Element using AFSDK

Question asked by @gvsrinath on Nov 2, 2015
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How do we check for a version number of an element in AF if the Version Number is greater than some number 'X' (where X can be anything like 1, 2, 3, and so on)


Please find the below code snippet which i am trying..but, i am unable to get the Version number(if the version is 1 then i should get 1) instead i am getting some alpha numeric value like "05a1d15c-2206-4488-a50d-8bde1190a4fa"


AFVersion myCurrVer = element.Version.LatestVersion();

AFVersion afVersion = element.Version;

Guid versionId = myCurrVer.VersionID;




// do something








//do something




Edit: "Updated question title from "How to get Version Number from AF using AFSDK" to  "How to get the number of versions of an AF Element has by using the AFSDK" so it better represents the idea of the question. Patrice Thivierge.