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[-15003] Generic Requested item not found Error

Question asked by bluefish on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by Adi Bannady

I am trying to use PIConfig tool to delete some duplicated values in about 300 tags.

I received the following errors:

[-15003] Generic Requested item not found


In fact the values do exist in PI Archive and I can manually delete them in PI SMT tool.


Below is the syntax I used to find and delete the records:

@table piarc

@mode list

@istru tag, starttime, endtime, count

@ostru tag, time

@ostru ...

@output D:\PIConfigDelete\temp.txt

AIC55898U.PV,23-Jul-15 14:30:50,23-Jul-15 17:39:28,100000


@output D:\PIConfigDelete\deletedList.txt

@mode delete

@istr tag, time

@input D:\PIConfigDelete\temp.txt



What could go wrong?