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PI AF EventFrames life cycle around Event Frame Generation

Question asked by Mahyar on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by cvillanua



I have questions around the Event Frames life cycle.

For some reason (data administration reasons), if I need to change the Event Frames parameters.

  • I will need to change the starttime
  • I will need to remove the endtime
  • I will need to change attributes values



It seems like as soon as you change some parameters, the current Event Frame looses the "binding" with the Analysis Service and the next process will probably add another Event Frame...


Is there a document that explains that behavior or some best practices around that?


By the way : our production is still at PI AF 2014 R2 and we are testing on our other environments PI AF 2015 R2, so I will be interested on explanations upon the two versions!!