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    PI System GUID


      Hi All

      we are in the process of doing some development using the AF SDK.


      If we understand properly, the AF SDK guidelines, we need a PI System GUID (that we then embed in our software).


      Is the PI System GUID something we can request here (as suggested by the guidelines)? Or could you please point us in the right direction?


      Best regards,


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          Steve Boyko

          Normally you refer to the AF Server by machine name and the GUID translation is done by the SDK.


                 private const string AFserverName = "TST-SRV-PI";

                 private const string AFdatabaseName = "TestDatabase";


                 var afServer = AFSDKHelpers.GetSystem(AFserverName);


                 var database = afServer.Databases[AFdatabaseName];

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              Are you looking to get an "application" ID or the PI System ID?  The purpose of the application ID is so that you can identify your application to the PI System.  This may be required if you are connecting to a PI System that has restrictions on which application can connect to it.

              So if you're building a 3rd party application that may be connected to PI System(s) that do not belong to you, you would need an application ID.  If you're just building an application for your own use, strictly speaking you do not have to have an application ID.



              Steve Kwan

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