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PI Coresight 2015 - Poor Performance

Question asked by mlemus on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by Roger Palmen

We have about 1700 like assets (Template: Well), with about 80 attributes with PI Point references, and about 40 with Table Lookup references. We really like the Coresight "swap" asset feature but that function takes about 60 seconds to swap to the other asset/element.  We see the same performance issue even when we use the URL parameter and pass in another element path.  Also, the Coresight Asset Tree is slow to render and doesn't handle a lot of the same assets very good (no next/previous page on the tree).  Coresight is on a VM (VMWare), with a bunch of other guests all competing for resources.  We will eventually have 10k of those same assets (Wells).  How can I find out where the constraint is?  We suspect the VM floating cores.  Would having Coresignt on a physical server be the overall best architecture?