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Why does my PI tag Point type change on its own from digital to string?

Question asked by a.phillips5 on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by Rhys Kirk

I'm working on a PI System using some tags to monitor the PI server health. A tag was created to monitor the health of a PI Server. Initially the tag was a point type String. But I attempted to assign it to a multi-state symbol but failed to because of the Point type. So to solve the issue the point type was changed to Digital and was assigned a digital set. Then the tag was able to be assigned to a multi-state symbol. But after some time the tag's point type reverts to a string type. This has been going on maybe for a few weeks now. Whenever the point type is changed back to a digital tag after some time it reverts back to a string tag. The quickest I've observed this happen I believe has been within 30 minutes. Does anyone have any idea why this is occurring or how to solve this issue? Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated.