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Managing Event Frame from Excel Sheet using PI AF SDK

Question asked by PDUHAMEL on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by pthivierge

Hi everyone,


PI AF records Event Frame.

PI historize raw data.

We would like to use an Excel sheet to manage our Event Frame.


An Excel application based on PI AFSDK, would be used by end users to validate the data.

The goal is to send data into SAP (probably using PI data Integrator). For that the validated data need to be store as Event Frame. But we need a way to replicate the Event Frame (generated by Event Frame Generator (for Batches)).

In our case EFGen records real batches, but end users can validate some recorded EF or can also add or modify some new EF and attributes.


I imagine to do this kind of Excel Sheet.

The user has to validate production declaration by day, through Excel, he requests EF (using PI DataLink), then he checks and manages the result, then he can publish the validated EF into a dedicated PI AF database. This validated MES (PI AF DataBase) will be used to send data into SAP.


Here is that someone has already done this type of development?