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PI OLEDB Event Frames Questions

Question asked by TomMcCarthyNeoPLM on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by Roger Palmen

I have been playing around with the PIOLEDB adapter to see if I can use it for an integration project and I have a couple of questions:


1) I finally figured out where the Event Frame Attribute data values go:


SELECT * FROM EventFrame.EventFrame BATCH
INNER Join EventFrame.EventFrameAttribute EVA on EVA.EventFrameID = Batch.ID
INNER Join Data.EventFrameArchive Archive on Archive.EventFrameAttributeID = EVA.ID
where like '%Adam%' and batch.StartTime < 't'


but are the Data.EventFrameArchive values actually in the PI archive?  If I am trying to get some test data from a live system into a test system for analysis, does the event frame import from XML file take care of this for me, or am I looking at a painful archive restore process?


2) I will eventually want to get Event Frames whose start time > a time and whose end time < another time or is null.  What is the best way to structure this type of a query?


3) I will also want to parameterize these queries so that I can call them from my interface application.  I have not figured out how to do this in PI SQL Commander.  Is this supported, and if so what is the syntax?  Even if this is not supported in PI SQL commander, I will need this type of functionality, so any suggestions would be appreciated.


4) Bonus question: If there are any DeltaV geeks out there, where does all of the "Extra Data" like active step changes, User Comments, etc. end up i.e. what level event frame are these things attached to, and what would their categories be? - The interface document is not exactly clear on this point.