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Why does Get-PIPoint return a single property

Question asked by towerbe Champion on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by towerbe

Hi All,


Today I had a a need to pull a list of all the tag names that start with a specific pattern.  Should be really easy in PowerShell, right?  Wrong.


When you run the Get-PIPoint command and specify what attributes you want returned, it sticks all of those attributes into a single object property called "Attributes" as a custom dictionary object.  This makes it really hard to get the data you want out of the query.  See the following conversation for an example.  Re: Powershell Tools (2015) and hashtables of point attributes


So here's my question. 


Why not just query the pipoint and return it as a true object, and then let the user pull out the properties wanted?  So instead of having to go through the mental gymnastics highlighted in the above link, you'd do something like this.


get-pipoint -name sin* | select tag


Seems a lot simpler, and more powershell-ish.