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Building Advanced Displays with PI ProcessBook Online Course - November 2015 Run - Introduce Yourself

Question asked by dlong on Nov 23, 2015

Welcome to the "Building Advanced Displays with PI ProcessBook" online course!


My name is Dararith Long and I will be your facilitator for this November session of the "Building Advanced Displays with PI ProcessBook".  I am a Field Service Engineer at OSIsoft and have been in this role since 2008.  I have dabbled into Technical Support and am very comfortable problem solving and troubleshooting.  I'm thrilled to have you all here to guide you through the course and help you gain more value from your PI System through calculations with PI AF.


I've created this thread so that all registered users that signed up for this session in November can introduce themselves and interact with one another.  This is your space and I ENCOURAGE you to ask questions revolving the topic of PI ProcessBook and to share your thoughts and ideas in order to make this online classroom learning session a positive and fun experience for everyone.  It can be anything from how to get started, or to something advance with an XY plot or SQC chart that you're working on.


Please introduce yourself in this thread so your fellow learners and I can get to know you better.  This is a space where you can share your experience with the PI System, and specific goals you have for this course.  Additionally, please take advantage of this Community to share any thoughts or questions during the course. You can also contact me personally at


I look forward to hearing from you and working with you throughout this course!



Dararith Long