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Coresight and Web API are not playing nice together?

Question asked by PHCogent on Nov 26, 2015
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Hi guys,


I just installed Coresight_2015 and PI Web API 2015_R3 but it seems like they're not connecting with each other. Currently I'm working with tech support to drill down the issue but wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone has any ideas or similar problems.


The screen cap of the Coresight Admin page shows that the Coresight service account is able to connect with each of the databases, but cannot access the index files from the Web API crawler.

Coresight Post Install error001.PNG


I go to the database-admin url for the Web API and it seems to indicate that the crawler is working and can scan all the points.

WebAPI database  Nov26.PNG

Some additional info:

     - The PI Archive, PI AF, Coresight, and Web API are all installed on the same server and the machine lives on a domain.

     - I'm using a custom service account (COGENT\CoresightService) to host the Web API, Web API crawler, and both Coresight application pools


Any ideas on what I could be missing to get Coresight access to the index service?