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    Returning Attributes of an Element from URL using GetByPath




      I'm new to PI Web API, I am wondering if it is possible to return the attributes of an element using a URL with a GetByPath request? (Step 3b in Exercise 1: Analyzing PI Web API Data https://pisquare.osisoft.com/docs/DOC-1835?q=Get%20the%20child%20attributes%20of%20the%20AF%20Element%20with%20the%20val… )


      I have been able to use the WebID of the element to reference the attributes and then filter the valueType and order of the attributes in the form:




      So far I have been able to return the Web ID using:




      which is step 3a of the above mentioned exercise. Given that the exercise is wanting this format I assume it is possible to make a similar request for step 3b.