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    Setting up a Dev PI Server




      I was hoping to setup a PI server instance so I can test connectivity through the PI JDBC driver.


      I assumed that I would be able to do something like the following:

      1 install SQL server

      2 install PI Data Archiver Server

      3 install PI AF server

      4 create a dummy database (hopefully using some provided scripts/imports)


      I've managed to do 1.

      Re 2 + 3 I can see that in the past the following were available:

      • PI Data Archive (PI Server) 2015 R2 Install Kit
      • PI Asset Framework (AF) Server 2015 Install R2 Kit
      • However, neither of these are available to download.


      Any help regarding 4 also gratefully apreciated!




        • Re: Setting up a Dev PI Server
          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hello James,


          Only paid members are able to download PI Data Archive and PI AF Server install kits.


          The easier option to create a sample database is to import an XML file. Then you won’t need to create/modify any script or program. One possible option is the NuGreen database which could downloaded here.


          We can provide a code snippet to create a sample database programmatically using PI AF SDK if you want to.


          Hope it helps!