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    PI SDK method for PI API Time functions


      How I can replace the following PI API function using PI SDK?






      I don't want to reference PI API in my project so I have to get rid of all the PI API calls. So please let me know how I can replace the above calls using PI SDK.

      Plz don't recommend me a solution using AF SDK as I have to use only PI SDK here.

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          Asle Frantzen



          I haven't used the PI API so I can't tell you exactly which methods to replace them with, but I'd recommend you start by looking at the PITimeServer assembly/dll



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            Hello Mohammed,


            What is the programming language that you are using?

            Also, if you elaborate on what your code is doing we may be able to provide you a sample to do the same thing with PI SDK.




            I have searched our website to first find what these function do and here are my remarks for usage with the PI SDK:


            This functions splits a timestamps into month, day, year, etc...


            With PISDK, you receive PITime Objects, and PITime objects have a .LocalDate attribute.  This would return a DateTime object in .NET that you can manipulate easily to get the date parts.

            I'll need more information to better guide you.




            I am not sure about this one, it seems to be related with open-vms... can you elaborate why it is needed in your code?




            PITime internally stores the time in UTC,


            using piTimeObject.UTCSeconds could be an option.

            if you need sub-seconds precision then usin UTCFileTime may be better.





            Please consider this as a raw answer, getting more information will greatly help to provide more accurate information.

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                I am using C++ as programming language in my application. So example with C++ will really help.


                I use pitm_secint to extract the date fields. for example, If the PI Point Type is of type pttypTimestamp, then I will get the value as double. so I have to extract the value as Year, Day, Month & so on. Let me know how can i do this using SDK interfaces.


                I use pitm_setpitime to fill PITIMESTAMP from a double time value (epoch time), then I use pitm_getutctime to get the UTC time by providing PITIMESTAMP value. Basically, I will get the time as long value and I have to get its relevant UTC time as long. So wit PI API pitm_setpitime & pitm_getutctime  are used to do so. Now I need to do the same using SDK.


                Hope I made clear on what I am trying to do. You guidance here would be really appreciated.

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                    Hi Mohammed,


                    Below is sample code where you can get the Year, Month, Day etc., and get the utctime. I hope this is helpful.


                       // Get PI-SDK COM object
                              IPISDKPtr pPISDK(__uuidof(PISDK));
                           // Get and set server pointer
                       ServersPtr pServers = pPISDK->Servers;
                       ServerPtr  pServer  = pServers->GetDefaultServer();  
                              _PointListPtr pPointLst = pServer->GetPoints("tag='CDT158'", 0);
                       long x = 1;
                       _variant_t vVar(x);
                       PIPointPtr ptPtr = pPointLst->GetItem(&vVar); 
                       ptPtr = pPointLst->Item[&vVar];
                       _PIValuePtr pvPtr(ptPtr->Data->Snapshot);
                       _PITimeFormatPtr pTime;
                       cout << pTime->OutputString << endl;
                       DATE date = pTime->GetLocalDate();
                       cout << date << endl;
                       CY cyDate = pTime->GetUTCFileTime();
                       cout << cyDate.int64 << endl;  //Can be used for FileTimeToSystemTime() Year, Month, Day...
                       double utcSeconds = pTime->GetUTCSeconds();
                       cout << utcSeconds << endl;
                          catch( ... ) 
                      cout <<  "exception" << endl; 
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