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Compatibility of Table Lookup AF Attributes and AF Analyses

Question asked by vwitzel on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by vwitzel

Hi all,


I am trying to better understand the compatibility of Table Lookups AF Attributes with AF Analyses. In my testing, I configured the following:


  1. A linked AF Table that is pointed to an SQL relational database (RDB) and set to a 10s cache interval. Security is set to impersonate client.
  2. A Table Lookup AF Attribute ("TL") pointed to the AF Table and reading a numeric field.
  3. A dummy int32 PI tag with point source L.
  4. A PI Point AF Attribute ("Output") pointed to the dummy PI tag.
  5. A periodic (10s) AF Analysis that adds "1" to the value of the  "TL" AF Attribute and writes the results to the "Output" AF Attribute.


When I tested the AF Analysis by hitting "Evaluate," it displays the correct calculation results in the "Value" column. However, the actual Analysis only writes "Calc Failed" to the dummy PI tag. Is this because AF Analyses do not support the use of Table Lookup Attributes, or is there something I should be doing differently in my set up?


Assuming AF Analyses do support the use of Table Lookup Attributes, I would also like to know:


  1. Can they be used to event trigger Analyses?
  2. How does the cache interval of linked AF Tables impact the data seen by AF Analyses that have Table Lookups as inputs? I understand that the cache interval of AF Tables is a client-side property. Taking my above set up as an example, if a new record was inserted into the SQL RDB, would the 10s periodic execution of the AF Analysis trigger the expiration of the cache interval and a refresh of the AF Table?


Appreciate any insights you could share