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Question of /hronly for recovery a time period of data from the OPC HDA Server

Question asked by pimo411 on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by pimo411

The OPC HDA Server -PHD crashed yesterday, after 2 hours the later, PHD returned to normal.

PI interface did recovery all the data during the particular period from PHD, but all the data are incorrect, the value are crazy huge.

Now, I would like to recovery the data again and cover the incorrect data, but it seem didn't work.

I use the parameter, /HRONLY=03-dec-15:15:25:00,03-dec-15:17:32:00, for recovery about 9000 points from 2015/12/3 15:25:00 to 2015/12/3 17:32:00

Could someone help, thanks. Any comment will be highly appreciated.


The snapshot below you can see the incorrect huge value from 2015/12/3 03:26 PM.

Attached you can find the log while I was running the recovery interface.