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Delay In Having "SummaryData" Visible In PI Web API

Question asked by James Devine on Dec 8, 2015
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I am encountering an issue with the "SummaryData" for a variety of attributes in PI Web API. I created some sample data tags (point source 'R') today and then created AF Elements / Attributes using these tags as the source data. When viewing the other options such as "PlotData", "RecordedData", "Value", etc. I get values as expected, but when I click on "SampleData" I get a reading like this "Value": "[-12002] Code Not Found in PInt". I have other sample tags (point source 'R') as the source tag to other Elements / Attributes that are older and these display summary data values as expected. Also, a rare minority of today's newly created Elements / Attributes do show values in the summary data page as expected, which leaves me scratching my head.


Is this delay in having "SummaryData" visible a normal condition for new Elements/Attributes, or is there something more to the error code I need to address? A search of that text string yielded next to nothing.