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Reading data from PI Collective using PI SDK

Question asked by Salman@GE on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by pthivierge

I am trying to read values from the PI Collective system. I am connected to the PI Collective system using the collective name and using "RecordedValues" to read data for a given time frame. It is working fine for the defaults points available with the PI Systems. But it doesn't work for the point which I had added to the PI collective system.


Am i missing something here?

Do I need to make a connection explicitly to a particular PI Collective member before I make a RecordedValues call?

Is there a possibility that we may get error while reading data if something is wrong with the PI Collective configuration?


I had written a C++ application uisng PI SDK to generate value to the point I have added to the PI Collective system. Even here I am just connecting to the PI collective name and I am writing data using UpdateValue method. I don't get any error in my application. But when I look at the Archive editor (under SMT Tool), I see values only under my Primary server & I don't see any values added under the secondary server. I believe I am missing some configuration. Anyways, will this cause my read call (RecordedValues) to FAIL?