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PI Event Frame, Get All previous analysis results

Question asked by PraveenCTS on Dec 11, 2015
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Hi Team,


I am trying to get the downtime event of a machine. I did the following things,

1. Element Template

     I created a Element Template (ref: ElementTemplate.jpg)  with Analysis Template and I assigned to Element.




2. Event Frame

     Event Frame created as like attached EventFrameTemplate.jpg



3. Analysis Preview Results:

     I am able to see the different event frames with date and time in the Analysis Results (ref: PreviewResults.jpg)




4. Event Frame:

          There is a DT20151210-003 event frame on Event Frame Searches (ref: EventFrames.jpg).


I am able to get the eventframe from AF SDK which is exactly same as that shown in the above image.

What i am trying to achieve is that, i want to get previous analysis results (ref: PreviewResults.jpg) that i can see in System Explorer(AFServer) through AFSDK.


Also ,How can we know the down time of the machine from this event frame (ref: EventFrames.jpg) ?

What I am trying to achieve is, I like to trace the start time of "machine down" and when that event changed.


Best Regards,