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Knowledge Transition (Questions/Activities list) to support a big PI system

Question asked by lalit Champion on Dec 15, 2015

Wanted to list down all transition activities to take a Knowledge Transition to Support a Major PI customer and having some activities in my mind and wanted to collect all important activities and questions to consider at the time of transition activities to existing support team...some are below and please add something else which is in your mind:


  1. Detailed PI & Source system Architecture 
  2. Old support Ticket Walkthrough
  3. User Joiner Mover Leaver process Overview
  4. Generic account Process Overview
  5. Introduction to key Stakeholders
  6. Daily Maintenance Activities
  7. Daily/Weekly Reporting Activities
  8. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Meetings
  9. Number of source/Interface details
  10. Trust details & Source and destination applications for PI
  11. ...................