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AF  analyses Expression

Question asked by LJSM on Dec 17, 2015
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I am working with AF analyses services , and I would like to get the value of a child attribute.  The parent of the attribute will be specified in an attribute .


My AF Structure is something like this:



                                  Plan A

                                             PriorityTank  (attribute)

                                        Tank 1

                                                  FlowRate (attribute)

                                                  Volume     (attribute)

                                                  Pressure    (attribute)

                                          Tank 2

                                                  FlowRate (attribute)

                                                  Volume     (attribute)

                                                  Pressure    (attribute)




"PriorityTank"  will have "Tank 1"  or   "Tank 2".    I want to create an expression in the element "Plan A" that gets the flowrate of the tank specified in the attribute "Priority Tank".


I created   the next analyses in  "PLAN A"


var1     'Priority Tank'

var2    '.\[@Name=var1]|FlowRate'    (ERROR. I don't know how to indicate var1 as a variable)


Can I do that?

What is the correct syntax to do that?


'.\Tank 1|FlowRate'   works, but I need that Tank 1 be variable according to the value in the attribute PriorityTank



Thank you!