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    Limited time opportunity for a free book: In Pursuit of the Perfect Plant


      PI Champions!   For a limited time we are offering to send this book to you free of charge, just for requesting it.  If you're not currently a member of the PI Champions group just ask!


      Make sure you send a note to Buck Bard with your mailing address!


      Imagine that you could hear the insights of more than 100 people with decades of experience about how to run a plant to meet the challenges of today's hypercompetitive, globalized world. In Pursuit of the Perfect Plant provides exactly that experience. The authors assembled more than 100 experts, whose ideas were distilled into a simple, easy to read story. Unlike most books on manufacturing, which are deep dives into arcane topics, this book provides an expansive view. People who have 30 or 40 years experience in manufacturing report that the book has increased their knowledge in surprising ways. The manuscript has proved especially popular with senior executives seeking to better understand the plants under their control and people early in their career who are preparing to move up the management ladder. The story shows the connections between business processes and technology in the all important areas of manufacturing, which leads to deeper understanding


      In Pursuit of the Perfect Plant: Pat Kennedy, Vivek Bapat, Paul Kurchina: 9780978921866: Amazon.com: Books