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PI Point not found Exception from AFAttribute.PIPoint generated from template

Question asked by stephen.oconnor on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by stephen.oconnor

I've got some code that creates an AFElement from a predefined template. This template has a few attributes with configstrings to create pi points (\\%Server%\%Element%.%Attribute%.%AttributeId%;pointtype=Float64).


The issue is that whenever I try to reference the attribute's PIPoint property in the same process, I receive a "Unhandled Exception: OSIsoft.AF.PI.PIException: PI Point not found '\\[[server]]\[[element name]].47c64e77-dfa6-11e4-8f14-28924a26e092.[[attr-name]].692ce409-a456-5661-23c1-e0298a02377f'."


When I open System Explorer, I can see that I have a point with a value of "Pt Created." Template-defined analyses that reference that value also execute without error.


I've tried the following:


  • Check in the element repeatedly.
  • Check in the parent element repeatedly.
  • Wait a bit (1000ms).
  • Various combinations of the above.


At a loss of what else to try. Is this a cache issue? That would be bizarre given that I just created this so it should be a cache miss.


Thank you and happy holidays!