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    Conversion Factor To Calculate Totals using PI Web API?

    James Devine



      I need to determine the correct syntax to get the summary type "Total" to work in PI Web API. I am able to get other summary type data calculations (i.e.  Avg, Min, Max), but with summary type "Total" I believe I need to add a conversion factor such as 1440 minutes in a day, or 86400 seconds in a day.


      Here is the syntax I think I should be using up until the "&conversionfactor=" type of parameter:


      https://{{COMPUTER_NAME}}/piwebapi/streams/{{ITEM_ID}}?starttime=y&endtime=t&summarytype=total{{WHAT GOES HERE?}}


      Unfortunately the documentation and PI Web API help files are apparently missing a code snippet or explanation regarding what to use in this case. Your help is appreciated.