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PI Coresight in workgroup network

Question asked by ddon on Dec 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by ddon

I have a workgroup network with my PI Data Archive and PI AF on one PC and my PI Coresight server on a separate PC. The MS SQL server databases for both the PI server and the coresight server are on the PC that contains the Data Archive and AF. The coresight server PC has the two users, administrator and engineer. When I access coresight on the administrator user I am able to brows my PI points on the PI server, but I cannot do the same on the engineer user. I am struggling to figure out what permission I have correctly set up for the administrator user and not the engineer user. I can open PI System Explorer on both users of the coresight server and brows my databases with no discernible difference between the two users. Its only when I open up PI coresight that the engineer user cannot brows my PI points. I included two screen shots of the admin page of PI coresight for the administrator and engineer users to show that it looks like everything is set up correctly, but there must be some difference between the two that I haven't identified. I haven't been able to find a concise list of exactly what permissions are needed for coresight users and PCs in a workgroup. I have 2+ pi trust set up for the coresight server and have tried giving the coresight server users the highest level of permissions (piadmins as seen in the screenshots).


Thanks for any help or advice.