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    Is there a URL length limit


      I have a vendor working with the PI Web API.  He is getting an error - 414 URL too long error.  The URL in question is approximately 32K in length.

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          Hi Bruce,


          I am able to reproduce the behavior using multiple test clients and servers. The default limit is around 16K. While PI Web API does not explicitly set this limit, there might be a limit imposed by the framework we are using. The development team is currently looking into this and I will get back to you when there is more information.

          Meanwhile, there should not be a need for such a long URL. Can you elaborate on the use case?



          After some research, I came to the following conclusion. The 414 error is likely thrown by Http.sys. The default 16k URI request length is limited by the following two registry settings:

          • MaxFieldLength
          • MaxRequestBytes





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