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Search for EventFrames between two dates based on Attribute value

Question asked by PIAdminUnison on Jan 7, 2016
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Hey all,


I am working with AFSDK and VB.Net and I have a question but first some background:


I have some meters in the field with some events I want to record in AF EventFrames.  Not to difficult, but now I discovered my meters don't like me and I get 30,000 events in 30 minutes sometimes.  Yes, I know, "Way too much information".  In actual fact, I only need to record a few of those events into PI and I can discard the rest.  So my thoughts on this matter is to set a limit of number of EventFrames to record per minute, this way I will get some of the events that happen and discard the unnecessary ones.  One other thing, I need to do this by also looking at the value of one attribute in the EventFrame.  Now for my question.  Is there an AFSDK call that allows me to search for the EventFrames on an AFElement based on a time range (i.e. between a start and end time) and an EF Attribute called phase=1?  It seems you can do this in the PI System Explorer but I can't seem to do it so far with the AFSDK.


I'm using AFSDK 2.6 and any help would be much appreciated, please.