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PI Interface self heal

Question asked by pallavi.soni on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2020 by WXcovics

Hello community,


I am working on a solution which requires some automation. Here is a brief description:


Frequent issue: After server reboot, there are chances that PI interface service would not start properly and goes to "STOPPED" state or in a hanged state (the PI interface shows as "Running" but upon checking the Health tag/Status tags of the interface, the values shown as Bad)


Blueprint of the solution: We are trying to build an automatic mechanism/utility which will start/restart the PI Interface service whenever the interface is down (the service has been stopped
or is in hung state) due to system reboot. The idea is that we have to read the Interface Health tags from PI server and check for the current values, if the current value is not Good, then the Utility should go and restart the PI interface service to refresh the Interface.


We can create the utility or write a code to perform this operation using Visual Studio (.net/C#) but since we don't have VS on the Interface machine, it is not possible. Also, we don't have Excel to do VBA coding.


Hence, I am looking for an idea where I can read the current value of PI tags (Interface health/status tags) using SDK. But I am not sure how can I achieve this.


It would be great if anyone can post any other solution for this automation.



Pallavi Soni.