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    OSI PI Moved to 64 Bit Windows but still running as 32 Bit


      Machine A     Old PI Server  3.4.380.70  32 bit     OS: Window 2003

      Machine B     New PI Server     3.4.380.70     need 64 bit  OS: Window 2012 R2


      We have to upgrade the Data Archive version so we have 64 bit installation kit of the same version. But after installation and moving old PI server in new machine we check the PI version in PI SMT/Task Manager it was showing 32 bit version. What could be the reason. We followed all the protocols in the Move and Alias the Server ID. The Data is being Polled by the clients fine but we have to proceed with upgrade on 64 bit version.


      Can anyone face this situation before and Is there any way around?


      I tried the same installation Kit on my personal Laptop and it is showing me 64 bit version.

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          Hi Osama,


          This is strange. Could you check if in msi in the unzipped folder generated after running the installation kit is called piserver or piserver_x64?


          If you re-run the installation kit? Does it tell you that the software is already installed?

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              All the unzipped setup components are x64 and running the setup confirms all x64 components are installed and x64 setup is complete, It seems that this issue may have been caused by incorrect copying of the PIPC directories adm/dat/bin. Xcopy was performed to dummy folders in PIPC directory and then they were renamed to the originals(bin/dat/adm) the originally installed were deleted. They were fully copied during the install. We are going to try the following steps as a work around.


              -Try to repair the PI install via control Panel. If it work we will avoid larger downtime (Tried didn't work)

              -If not we will go ahead with recopying (not replacing as before) the Directories from the Old PI server to the new ones created after performing reinstall first. The archives will remain in the same state they are.



              Kindly provide comments if any. Thanks