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How To Unlock Properties Dialog In PI System Explorer For Elements Based on Templates?

Question asked by James Devine on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by knightk



I am surprised by this limitation. Essentially I built a basic report template in AF with the idea it is a good starting point for numerous reports. My example is here: dialog.001.png

Please note under the [General] tab I have 'Allow Extensions' checked in the template. Once I instantiate an element based on the template I want to allow users to edit the tag names, description, UOM, and to extend the number and types of tags if needed. This image shows my situation. dialog.002.png


My question is how does one unlock the properties dialog or any of these fields to allow editing? OR is this simply a limitation by design in PI System Explorer? I have tried going overboard to allow myself all access administrator rights over the attributes, but it is to no avail.


Your feedback is appreciated.