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search displays in coresight from same imported folder only

Question asked by Paurav Joshi Champion on Jan 13, 2016
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Currently we can search all the displays in coresight from url : http://<coresight_machine_name_and_port_#>/Coresight/services/search?query=*&includePI=No&includeMetadata=No&includeDisplays=Yes&includeAF=No .

We can distinguish processbook displays via StorageType attribute of output response, but if I want to segregate the displays on the basis of import folder then how can we do that?



Paurav Joshi


Just to clarify the question futher :

After browse the above url, we get output like as follows:



Here, if StorageType is 1 then we can say it is processbook display.


After searching in coresight database, I found there is ImportFolderID as parentID in BrowseElements table.

In which url we can find that ID, like StorageType here, so that we can segregate the displays based on this Id?  Eager to listen to other alternatives also.



Paurav Joshi


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