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License problem after migration

Question asked by marco.zoccoli on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by sroyce

Hi all,


We migrated a PI architecture (composed by 4 machines: PI Server Primary, PI Server Secondary, PI Interface Node and Pi Analytics).


After migration:

PI Server Primary is unreachable,

Pi Server Secondary is reachable


So we connected to Secondary Server but it was not possible to retrieve data from PI SMT. So we analyzed the log and we found that this message appears about every 3 minutes:


"License Warning: failed to get or confirm a license seat for the secondary server due to communication problem or other issues with the primary server -- [-10758] Failed to create remote connection."


From this message it seems that for Secondary Server it is not possible to get/confirm the license because it can't connect to the Primary Server.


So it seems that if problems on Primary Server will be solved and so it will become correcty available, also the license problem will be solved. Could you confirm it?

Or do you think that license problem will remain also when Primary Server will be available?


Thank you in advance for your support,


Best Regards,