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PI AF Backfill Queued for Processing

Question asked by shane23529 on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by JosephHanvy

One of my users reached out to me saying that he could no longer backfill analyses that he created in PI AF. He said that whenever he started his backfill it would stay at 0% and show the backfill as "queued for processing"


I checked the Analyses tab and it looks like there are hundreds of analyses/Event Frames that are stuck at 0% with the status of "queued for processing." The strange thing is that many of these backfills seem to have been started on their own and are only backfilling for 7-15 min intervals.


I tried going through and cancelling the backfill requests on a few of them and then restarting the analysis service, but whenever I restarted the service, the requests that I had cancelled would start trying to backfill again. I also tried clearing the queue, which was suggested in this thread: Clearing Analytics backfilling queue? but ran into the same issue of the backfill trying to run as soon as the service was started.


I'm not sure if anyone has run into an issue like this before, but any input would be appreciated. The image below shows the backfilling analyses with the status of queued for processing