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VBA error when loading a display in older ProcessBook version

Question asked by andrew_Inwood on Jan 19, 2016
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I have PI ProcessBook 2014 (version  Most others in our company have version (I am part of the testing program)


I made a minor modification to one of our existing PDI display files today.  It is a file that uses VBA for some background calculations.  I saved it, and it works fine on my PC.


When other people try to open it in their PI Processbooks, something strange happens:  The various code modules get processed, and additional brackets are added to the end of a couple of modules.  These
then cause the BA compiler to fail on “Syntax error”.


I’ve never seen anything like it, but I’ve replicated it on a few machines.  Are any of you aware of anything like this?

  See the attached image.   This brackets at the end (highlighted in red) do not appear in my version of the file.  They get added when someone opens the display on an older version of processbook.  If they then delete them and resave the file, it doesn’t help:  the error will appear next time they open the file!