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    Perl and PI Web Services?


      I'm working to receive data from a client and they need to use PI Web Services to send us their data. They mentioned that they mostly are in-house Perl developers.


      I'm wondering are there examples of setting up an application using Perl and PI Web Services? I'm completely unfamiliar with Perl but would love some direction where to look.



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          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hi Daniel,


          We strongly recommend using PI Web API instead of PI Web Services. There are a lot of reasons why:


          • Our development team is working actively on enhancing only PI Web API using the newer technologies available. We don’t have any upcoming release expected for PI Web Services.
          • PI Web API uses the REST protocol which is easier and more intuitive to learn and consume when compared to SOAP used by our older product PI Web Services
          • You will find PI Web API easier to communicate to an application developed in Perl.
          • REST is becoming the default protocol of the industry. Most of the web services of the market are using REST protocol already.
          • As a result, you will find a lot of documentation available about how to write Perl code in order to be able to consume a RESTful web service properly. By making a quick search I found the following links which might help you get started:
          • You will find better support as well by choosing PI Web API as our community is more used to this product. PI DevClub also provides lot of updated documentation. 
          • PI Web API has also an online help which you should refer to when writing your Perl application.
          • We provide to the Developing with PI Web API White Paper. You will find information about how to write applications that retrieve data from PI Web API in six different platforms. Although Perl was not added yet, I am sure you will be able to write your Perl application by using the white paper (to understand the functionalities of PI Web API) and great articles available on the internet (to learn how you can use Perl to communicate with a RESTful web service).


          Hope it helps!

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